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    Ferrous Brokerage Made Simple

    We are among the top five privately held scrap brokers in North America with a large global presence. Our team of expert brokers work with each client to customize unique market opportunities at every step of the way.

    We understand the international scrap market like no one else.

    Our experience brokers understand the international scrap market unlike much of our competition. We work exclusively with real-time data on the buying and selling of scrap pricing, types, and locations.

    Whether domestic or international, we have all the transportation capability to successfully transport recycled metals. Our partners can be found throughout the globe, include the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Asia, South America, Europe, India, Pakistan, and more!

    We use all transportation to our advantage and ensure all metal recycled through us successfully moves domestically and internationally. Our constantly growing network of suppliers includes everyone from small, family-owned recyclers to large global corporations. At AIM, we strive to do more than business, we build relationships with suppliers while gathering all the correct information to ensure your individual goals are met in a sustainable, effective fashion.