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To continue our mission towards a sustainable business, we will now be offering transloading services. We are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to join us in this rail-based solution that allows them take advantage of the economics and safety of rail transportation of commodities.

Transloading Made Easy

While a transload solution may have several moving parts, AIM Recycling makes it easy and efficient for customers. Our large truck fleet can handle various commodities throughout Southern California while continuing to create several environmental benefits such as reducing congestion on densely trafficked highways and improving driver safety by utilizing rail instead of trucking.

Rail Transload Services

Rail distribution in Inland Empire, Colton, CA

Experience in handling various railcar types

Able to handle various commodities such as steel, pipe, aluminum, zinc, and more

Each of our facilities throughout Southern California are served by Union Pacific

Port Services

Container movement for multiple commodities

Devanning of heavy weight and standard weight containers

Access to terminals in Port of Long Beach/ Los Angeles

Consult a Specialist

We focus on high performance, continuous growth, and customer-focused solutions that enable the utmost efficiency in the most sustainable manner possible.

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