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A Peek Into the Importance of Metal Recycling

A Peek Into the Importance of Metal Recycling

Why do we need to recycle metals?

Metals are valuable materials that can be recycled again and again without degrading their properties. The undeniable value of metal scrap is both sustainable and a motivation to continue recycling it to various recycling centers.

The recycling of metals enables us to preserve natural resources while requiring less energy to process than the manufacture of new products using raw materials. Recycling emits less carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses. More importantly, it saves money and allows manufacturing businesses to reduce their production cost. Additionally, recycling creates jobs and financial stability for people everywhere.

What kinds of metals can be recycled?

Metals are classified into two different categories: non-ferrous or ferrous. Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, lead, copper, and tin. Precious metals are often considered non-ferrous as well, gold, silver and brass fall into this category.

On other hand, ferrous metals are a combination of iron with carbon and are typically noted for their strength. Common ferrous metals include stainless steel and both cast and wrought iron. Depending on which categories each metal falls into, it needs to be collected and then processed in a specific manner. While some metals are more difficult to process than others, the ultimate sustainability and benefits remain as important as ever.

Metal Recycling Technologies

Modern recycling technologies can effectively identify many different kinds of metals. Today’s innovative techniques allow for fewer identification errors and further allow for larger quantities of material to be moved after leaving recycling facilities.

Separating ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals is one of the most important steps in the sorting process. As ferrous metals contain iron, they are attracted by magnets and easily pulled out of the mixed waste stream. In scrap yards, cranes fitted with an electromagnet can remove larger pieces of ferrous scrap. The use of correct technologies can effectively improve metal recovery rates.

The Metal Recycling Industry

Metal recycling is traditionally regarded as a profitable business; however, the sustainability of this business further labels its importance throughout the business world. Metal recyclables are vital throughout several industries. In 2019 for example, around 69% of crude steel in the United States was made of recycled materials. Steel and iron remain as one of the most recycled materials in the world. In other words, metal recycling is a key element of not only our economy, but our ability to maintain several of our natural resources.

At AIM Recycling, our mission is to further establish the importance of metal recycling in all our division. We strive to inspire the transformation of industrial materials in an environmentally sound fashion. It is this commitment which drives our company’s continued global expansion and motivates our unique and innovative metal recycling techniques.

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