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Very honest and kind people work here. Always have friendly convos when they have the time and when my prescription glasses fell off my shirt – they saved them in the office and took good care of them. AIM is a “new” name but these guys been around since I was a small kid bringing cans to cash in for my allowance (they were ecology back then)and they’ve always been the best to go to out of all the other places we’ve been to. If you’re gonna recycle, consider these guys because they are solid and they will take care of you. They have good and honest workers and I think they’re worth the drive into town. They match competitors coupons and they also have a sink so you can wash your sticky hands and some vending machines as well. They have plenty of baskets and carts for your recyclables . Not too shabby for an older facility. Thanks for being so awesome and thank you for your integrity. The community appreciates it ♻️♥️

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